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Optimization of Highly Complex Sequence and Production Planning

Highly complex planning problems are unsolvable with existing solution approaches. With focus on previously unsolvable optimization problems we are, through the application of state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms, able to find optimized machining sequences for processes of any complexity. In this way, we achieve for our customers, among other things, lower costs, lower throughput times, higher machine utilization, fewer set-up operations and/or more even utilization of the departments.

"We start where other specialists reach their limits."

Matthäus Niedermeier, Founder

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Through years of research and development in artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, linear and heuristic optimization techniques and operations research, we have developed an unique methodology for solving highly complex planning problems.

Artificial intelligence

We use state-of-the-art, individually trained neural networks to optimize order planning. Since high data quality is the basis of any optimization, neural networks are also used for data analysis and processing as well as for trend prediction.

Fully Automated

The entire optimization process takes place fully automatically. In the event of short-term changes to orders or available resources, manual rescheduling is no longer necessary.


Common solution approaches often require weeks, months or years for complex problems, if possible. We provide our customers optimized planning in under an hour.

Customizable Goals

In addition to an optimization objective with arbitrary constraints, we are able to optimize problems with competing objectives (e.g. cost vs. throughput time) and produce a variety of pareto-optimal solutions.

The Customer in Focus

Due to the high complexity in many business processes, an out-of-the-box software solution is not sufficient. We offer each customer an individual, customized solution. With the help of permanent and personal support, we can react quickly and flexibly to changes in operations and ensure the quality of optimized planning through detailed process knowledge.

No Changes to Established Processes

Existing processes are better utilized through an optimal processing sequence. As a result, changes to established processes are not necessary.

Customer Proximity

We ensure the highest quality of our solutions through personal, intensive in-house support.


A close, cooperative relationship with our customers and the resulting mutual transparency lead to a sustainably high level of quality.

"Complex flow/production scheduling problems have not been solved for the last 40 years. DeepSynergy.AI has developed a revolutionary approach to solving them."
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Kramer
TH Rosenheim Professorship for Production Planning and Control, ERP Systems, Production Architecture of the Future

Optimization as a Service

An out-of-the-box software solution is not sufficient due to the high complexity in many business processes. As part of our service, we analyze the relevant business processes and order data and individualize our product. Transmitted order data is automatically processed and an optimized solution or planning is returned to the customer.

Data Security and Data Protection

We place the highest value on data security and discretion. Thus, all data exchange takes place in encrypted form and, if desired, the required data does not leave our customers' premises. Instead, optimization takes place on a locked server provided by us at the customer's premises to ensure maximum security.

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About Us

We are DeepSynergy.AI. We transform complex problems into extraordinary results. Based in Rosenheim, Germany, DeepSynergy.AI helps companies across all industries perform optimization for highly complex planning problems. We use intelligent software to boost performance and business results, generating millions of dollars in added value. Our aspiration is first-class performance, fairness and integrity.

Matthäus Niedermeier

Founder, Co-CEO Product Development, Solution Management

Dominik Eibl

Founder, Co-CEO Business Development, Account Management